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A-Frame | Culver City, CA | 12.01.11

Furikake Kettle Corn - According to this recipe, aside from kettle corn, it also features corn pops, dried pineapple, chopped bacon, chives, pepper flakes and furikake (which I can forgive because it’s by no means fishy).

Cracklin “beer can” chicken - with century egg, salt and pepper, salsa roja and verde. 

Oh man, I can’t believe this place has been here a year and I’ve never been. Crazy delicious kettle corn and crunchy moist chicken. With Honey Kettle, I now have two perfect chicken options within a couple miles from me.  

Both were so good I couldn’t be bothered to find a fork or plates, I ate both of these items squatting on the floor like a caveman.