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Behind the Music Photos / Currently Test Driving: Noiseless

I always run all photos through some editing whether or not the client asks for it … usually cleaning up skin, hiding exposed underwear, and removing sweat stains. 

In the case where photos are grainy from lack of light, I’ve been using Noiseless. So far, I’m pretty happy with it. I like it better than Photoshop’s native noise reducer and Topaz Denoise, has a better UI, and it’s cheaper ($17.99… $49 if you want to edit your raw files).

Anyway, I told these people at Macphun I’d only plug their product if it wasn’t awful… and since I’ve been using it for a couple months now, it finally deserved a hat tip. 


PS. I also like their Intensify plugin for general quick photo cleanup.

PPS. What do you guys use? Any cool (but affordable) plugins out there I should know about?