Liezl Estipona
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Black Friday Text Message

liezl:can you put a couple TVs and Monster cables on hold for me at customer service?
patricia:I had a feeling you'd ask, so I actually put one of every TV we sell up there along with all the cables to go with it, and 2 copies of Barb Wire before I left tonight.
liezl:such great customer service. I'm going to write frank and commend you on your work.
patricia:I'm sure frank would love to hear what great work I am doing at 111 since he left 2 years ago to a different Best Buy. That's very nice of you.
liezl:I like to keep him updated.
patricia:Frankie always appreciates being kept in the loop. Crazy mark used to send him hourly updates about you when you were at home and he was outside the window.
liezl:He said he was doing neighborhood watch
patricia:no you misunderstood. He bought the house next door so he could do neighborhood watch. But just you, not the whole neighborhood...
liezl:he really went all out... even adopted a family to keep up the ruse.
patricia:no, you are his family...

liezl estipona