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Club 33 | Disneyland | 11.13.13

When I found out that reservations to Club 33 no longer include entrance to the park, I was going to scrap the idea and go to the aquarium instead. Between Jay and I, that would make our visit around $400.

While sharing this with a co-worker at the theatre, our new manager (whom I had only met for the first time that night but also works at Disneyland) overheard and offered to get us in free if he and his girlfriend could get in on our Club 33 reservation. 


They’ve both worked at Disneyland for 6 years and could never get in, so they came in all gussied up for the occasion. Him and his lady were so adorably geeked out to be there. 

After our amazing meal Jay and I headed to the park. In all my years I’ve never seen Disneyland so empty. The longest ride wait was 25 minutes, but most were only 5. Even Space Mountain. I kept thinking the signboards were broken.

Delicious food, no lines, good weather, and a handsome date … Jay’s first visit to Disneyland and my birthday couldn’t have been more perfect.