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Club 33 | Disneyland  | 11.13.13

The restaurant will be closed for renovations for at least 6 months starting January 2014. So I decided to have one last visit before that happens. Seems they’re cutting costs, maybe due to their huge overhaul of the space. Here are some random things I noticed. 

  • Your meal no longer includes admission to the park. You can, however, get a discounted park rate of $73 for Disneyland or $109 for a park hopper ticket but you still have to pay for your meal on top of that, which ranges from $65-$90/person (not including alcohol).
  • There’s no longer a cold food buffet with cheeses and seafood. instead they bring you a complimentary plate of crab legs and shrimp to share at the table. Since I don’t eat seafood, they gave me a plate of veggies with sauces I couldn’t identify.
  • Their fancy dessert bars no longer have Club 33 etched on the sneeze guard.
  • Their Club 33 sugar cookies are gone… or maybe they’re only out for brunch and dinners.
  • 2 lamb chops instead of 3.
  • They carry a seasonal pumpkin cheesecake. It is mothereffing delicious. 
  • No complimentary Club 33 pens after you sign your check.
  • Our waiter, Curt, was excellent, much friendlier than the waiter who would creepily sidle up (a'la Seinfeld) to our table on my first visit.

All in all, even with little things missing and things misspelled, I was much happier with my experience this time around. I think having a happy waiter helped… also delicious cheesecake.