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Grand California Hotel | Napa Rose | 07.29.15

Last night for my friend’s birthday, we headed to Napa Rose to partake in the Chef’s Counter. It’s where you tell the chef your dietary restrictions or preferences, and he makes you a personalized dish.

One of the chefs noticed one of our friend’s knife and fork tattoo (and guessed correctly that he was also a chef) and gave him more adventurous food like bone marrow and octopus. 

Loved the experience! Since you’re seated at a counter by the kitchen, you get to watch them plate, and they’ll happily answer any questions about process or food they’re working on.

Price: $100 / $150 with wine pairings
Other info: Chef’s counter only available at 530pm and 830pm.
Advance reservations needed.
Our group of 10 made reservations 2 months in advance.
Groups bigger than 4 will be separated at different counters.
Parking: 5 hours free with validation
Duration: Meal will last 3+ hours.