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Honestly, is there anything pleasant about being a bridesmaid?

I’ve been ranting about this for months now… but I still haven’t figured out why it’s an honor to be chosen to be in a wedding.

- I have to wear a dress I don’t get to pick out (it’s teal “tiffany blue”).
- I have to pay for said hideous dress.
- $50 to have dress altered.
- $100 for shoes.
- $200 for hair/makeup/nails.
- $60 for plane ticket home.
- I have to design/print/cut/fold 200 4-color double sided wedding programs tonight, by myself… and after their “generous” payment of $200 to get them printed (I quoted them $436 to get them professionally done), I’m still very much in debt after paying for ink and paper.

For the record, I left the office at 130am that night and tallied about 10 hours of work on these programs.

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