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…. and it looks so, so good.

While I’ll have a formal sale info and all that on Wednesday, here’s some preliminary information:

  • The sale link will be up on Wednesday here, you will see a link to the book at the bottom of the page. 
  • It will be $80. 
  • Please do yourself a favor and use one of the coupon codes found here


I will be holding a little gallery showing of prints from the book (and a few not in the book) on Friday, December 9th in Culver City from 6p to 8pm. While I won’t have any books for sale (unless someone wants to front me $300 to buy them in advance), you will have the opportunity to buy whatever is on the wall.

Don’t worry, they will be large, framed and very pretty.

There will also be plenty o’ beer on hand. 

Stay tuned for further details.