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The great @pftompkins sings this song at the end of his Christmas show which, for the past two years, I’ve had the honor to be a part of. He sings the hell out of it, there will be a version online soon, but in the meantime we will have to make do with the perfect slice of BritPop that is the Zombies original.

It’s a song of hope, of making it through what life slings on you with the help of someone, or, if you’re really lucky, someones. It has a lovely lyric:

And I won’t forget
The way you helped me
Up when I was down
And I won’t forget the way you said

Darling I love you

You gave me faith to go on 

The show went well tonight. It’s a benefit, and we raised some money for Habitat for Humanity, everyone had a really good time, and there was a lot of laughter, onstage and off.

Happy Last Night of Hanukah, and Merry Christmas.

liezl estipona