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Liezl's French 101

Today I attempted to brush up on my French on twitter, here are some helpful phrases:

  • Je voudrais acheter un homme avec un grand saucisson et une paire de chaussures.
    I would like to buy a man with a big sausage and a pair of shoes.
  • Tout va bien avec votre jambon? Il hume comme un voiler.
    Is your ham okay? It smells like a sailboat.
  • je voudrais observer peinture du penis. Je peux payer dans les carottes.
    I would like to watch penis painting. I can pay in carrots.
  • j'ai reserve une chambre pour moi et mon prostitue bel.
    I have reserved a room for me and my beautiful male prostitute.
  • Je suis desole pour mon Francais terrible. Je ne comprend pas votre boules.
    I am sorry for my terrible French. I don’t understand your balls.
This French lesson has been brought to you in part by Long Beach City College and Earworms Rapid Learning: French, which actually helped me navigate Switzerland & Paris a couple years ago.