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Map of the Day: The Landmarks of 500 Days of Summer


For someone living in Los Angeles, 500 Days of Summer was not only a cute and hilarious movie it was equally pleasing to see a film shot in downtown Los Angeles that had a story line taking place and recognizing the burgeoning neighborhood for what it is. From the Redwood Bar to the Broadway Bar, Bunker Hill to the Civic Center Mall, it was exciting, for once, to go, “hey, I know that location and it’s not being masked as New York City,” and not go “why are they filming downtown but calling it North Hollywood? NoHo isn’t that urban.”

I was sort of lukewarm on the movie, but I did really love that they were so complimentary of Los Angeles.  Because Los Angeles can be a total pain in the ass sometimes, but it also tries its best, too.

p.s. Thanks to Cheryl for finding this link!

Ive been wondering where the bench scene was, glad to hear it’s not a fabricated location.
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