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Photo-less Zach at Largo Recap.

  • A guy gets kicked out 5 minutes into the show for being drunkenly loud and obnoxious. Shortly thereafter Zach comes out on stage and apologizes for his Hangover fans.
  • While Zach does goes some crowd work, Benmont Tench (Tom Petty’s pianist)  interrupts and is then sent to the piano on stage to provide background music while Zach continues to interview the crowd.
  • Music from The Watkins Family, accompanied by Jon Brion.
  • A set from Nick Kroll.
  • Closing out the show with a music jam with The Watkins Family and Jon Brion, while Zach plays the piano.

Pro Tip. Do NOT go to the bathroom when Largo is sorting out a loud drunken situation in the lobby. No matter how teary eyed, anxious, panicked, or absolutely desperate you look to use the restroom, they will still yell at you to go back to your seat and refuse you access even though it’s 2 feet away.