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If we listen to a podcast, chances are we’ve heard the plug. Today I was listening to This American Life when I heard it and realized, Yes… today I finally need a stamp. Let’s use that promotional code.

Well upon that 3 step process of entering your information, credit card (which I assumed was for the shipping that scale), I had second thoughts, closed the window and never clicked that 3rd step to submit my order.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to. You’re now signed up for, along with a monthly recurring fee of $15.99! Immediately I call to cancel this, because they do not have an online method to close or cancel your account (RED FLAG). 

After ten minutes of listening to some sales spiel (they’ll try to extend your free trial), I get my confirmation of termination of services, along with a final statement stating $0 have been charged.

Upon logging into my account that still seems to exist, I see no notation stating my services have been cancelled.

So I call again, only to be told that while my services have been canceled, my payment information cannot be removed from my account, nor can my online account be deleted and there was no one I could talk to nor anything further I could do about it. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK.

In sharing my rage, I found out two friends had to cancel their credit cards despite their attempts to cancel and close their accounts because they kept getting charged.

After several further emails with their social media guy and even Yelp, they have all reassured me I will not incur any charges and my account is closed…. yet… its online presence on their site remains and it’s insane to me that there’s nothing I can do about it… so I’m putting their services on blast. and their free scale can go to hell.