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sex fish.


This is the tag from the latest episode of Superego.

Usually I just tack these things on at the end of the credits unexplained, but this is one of my weirdest favorites and there’s a story behind it.

Earlier this year, we recorded with the hilarious Birds of Prey: Susan Burke, Lizzy Cooperman, and Emily Maya Mills. When I was editing some of the stuff that we did that steamy night, it got split up between hard drives. Not long after, I moved from Long Beach to Los Angeles and things got even more confusing. Long story short, the recordings that got overlooked were some sketches we did with Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, and the Birds of prey - including this idea called the ‘Lady America Pageant.’

There’s something about it that I just love. I never read Flowers in the Attic but I remember it was a scandal and a sensation when it came out. I remember recording this tag and the fact that Emily plays my incestuous brother just killed me in the room and kills me now. I can’t explain it, I just found it horribly adorable.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it/are made uncomfortable by it and someday I hope to have another go at some of the hours and hours of unused recordings that languish on Superego hard drives throughout the western world.

P.S. I might really want to do a Flowers in the Attic book club. Who’s in? Maybe we’ll record it as a podcast.