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The right game can change your life!


Is the new slogan of Gamestop. It’s completely true. Look at World of Warcraft and the divorces it’s caused. Although to be fair to Blizzard the people who got divorced because they would rather spend time in a fantasy world instead of with their signifigant other were most likely going to get divorced no matter what. Their excuse just had a monthly fee.

“We can’t go out tonight, I have to go on a raid with my guild.”
“What? how long is that going to take?”
“A couple hours.”
“You’d rather play a video game you work on for 9 hours a day, than go out with  your girlfriend.”
“They’re my friends.”

In Blizzard’s defense, they’re pretty genius. Buy the game, pay a monthly fee, and keep releasing expansions to hold interests on a game that has no definitive end.


liezl estipona