Liezl Estipona
Comedy, Photography, and a 3rd generic interest


The Super Serious folks are great… and my favorite thing about them (aside from the quality comedy they curate) is finding out how organized they are at running their show. It makes working for them that much more pleasant and since they run a tight ship, they end on time. 

Also they have cookies and tacos waiting for me when I arrive on site.


PS: Their next show is July 19th. Kyle Kinane will be there.


Check-out the fun show photos from our June show with Baron Vaughn, Eddie PepitoneThe Pajama Men, Arden Myrin, Brent Weinbach, Nick Thune and Rachel Bloom. It was one of our more out-there shows with a ton of memorable performances and variety. We also were treated to some great videos from director Keith Schofield. Super Serious pal and guest photographer, Liezl Estipona did a great job capturing the fun night.

Check-out the complete set at Flickr.

You can check-out more of Liezl Estipona’s awesome photography over at