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I produced 1,983 tenant architectural drawings in 2009…let’s hope this gets me a raise!!! I was 113 away from being number 1…maybe this year!!! :-)

Since everyone in tumblr world seems to work in the entertainment field, I didn’t think I’d ever see the words tenant architectural drawings on here, let alone someone who has dealt with over 1,900 of them. As someone who occasionally has to deal with the constant revisions to these drawings, that’s insane…

me: “wait wasn’t there a door there?”
architect: “you must have an old site plan. we took it out to extend this cracked plaster architectural element on the wall.”
me: “Looks fantastic, although I’m going to have to resign and renumber these hundreds of back of house signs on the plan.”

You deserve a raise, or someone who works with an environmental agency should burn you alive for for using so many 22x34 sheets of paper.