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West 4th/Jane - Santa Monica's Newest Beer/Burger Joint - LAist


Can you say - “Over 100 Beers.” How about - “Bacon Crusted French Toast?”

High School buddies from New York, Steve Lieberman and Keith O’Brien opened West 4th/Jane at the beginning of June on 4th Street in Santa Monica as a place where pretensions are left at the door. The guys are self described “blue collar” and say that West 4th/Jane caters to everyone. I agree. Want a Duvel? Done. A nice red wine? Done. How about a Beast red can? Also, done. Almost every bit of work (except electrical) put into the place was done by the guys, their gals, and friends. To put it bluntly, it’s the kind of place you wish that you owned.

Although NYC is where the heart is for the owners (the notorious burger joint Corner Bistro is located on 4th/Jane in NYC), New Orleans flavor runs through most of their food (besides the NY street hot dog).

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