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With Yahoo acquiring Tumblr, their revamp of Flickr has flown under the radar. 

As a long time user. I will say I don’t care for it at all. To go from one or two changes in the past 8 years to this.. well, it's uncomfortable. 

No, it’s not just solely because I have an aversion to change… in fact, I’ve really liked the improved UI to their uploader. Tagging people has become so much easier since it culls through my previous tags. It’s nice to no longer have to guess if Busy’s last name is Phillips or Philipps. 

However with this redesign, my front page looks like an awful moodboard or the backend of your tumblrs archive. Previously, my front page was organized with my latest uploads along with sets of photos that people most accessed. Now the only option I have is a choice of cover photo.

I guess I’m no longer the demographic flickr is catering to, since a Pro account has doubled to $50 a year, and the only actual pro’s to having one is no ads and stats on where my photos are being linked to.  

How do you guys like it, as people who probably page through my flickr, is this better for you guys?